Element proof. Enough said.


Yep. Waterproof. The secure fit and exterior coating keeps your lenses “zip-locked” completely sealed from water and humidity.


The tight grip and seal prevent small dust and finely grained sand from entering any cracks in the lens. No more worrying about Earth’s elements.

Shock absorbent

Smacking or bumping your lens should no longer be a concern; The ULC helps absorb shock and better mitigate potential damage to the interior/exterior of a lens.

Get Versatile Protection for Your Camera Lens.

Never falls off

The ULC's purpose is to grab onto the lens and stay on... once it's on, it's guaranteed to hold strong, gripping your lenses tight so that it's absolutely secure.

Fits every lens

The ULC stretches to cover lens barrel diameters from 60mm to 120mm fitting lenses from any camera brand… Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Sigma, Pentax, Tamron, Minolta, you name it!

Fits into any space

Stretches to fit on any lens you have. Flatten and store it in a space as small as your pocket when not in use! Its rubber based structure allows the ULC to stretch and compress, without stress!


Multifunctional design

Front and rear lens cap

It can be used as both a front and rear lens cap for ultimate insurance of your lens.


Stretches over Traditional Lens Caps, works with Lens Hoods, ND Filters and even covers Drones!


Stack multiple caps on top of one another for extra protection and security of your lenses!




“You can put it in your pocket when you need to. It also stretches to fit on any lens I have. It fits onto the front and back of every one of my wide lenses. You just stretch them over!"


“It’s very protective. If I bump against something, it doesn’t just fall off. I like that these grip your lenses. Nothing can get in it. If I’m shooting in sand, dirt, or dust, nothing can get in there.”


“I love that it’s universal. It’s so nice for travel. I don’t have to pack every single little lens cap for each lens. I keep better track of them and it keeps my lenses protected throwing them in and out of bags."